Stress Relief

Stress levels may be high, and life struggles may be hard this year. Managing your stress is very important because too much stress on a person can mess up any physical/mental health of the body, so here are some ideas that can help:


Nyla Fowler, Staff Writer

Stress is very common in most people, even adults/teachers and can affect everyone. 2020-2021 the new year any student/teacher or family member can be stressing with bills and even little things like homework or trying not to procrastinate. Stress can affect your brain and your body, it can make anyone get mood swings or feel depressed at times as well as having headaches and doing things no one should do to release stress or take your mind away from struggles in life. Releasing stress the right way can help students improve better in what they do, and how they do hobbies or homework.

Vanessa Vatalaro, a counselor at Coronado answered some questions provided for this article.
How do you think stress is effecting students health/knowledge during school?
“I think stress is always a factor. The pandemic has really increased the negative stress that students feel especially in regards to transitions such as 8th grade to 9th grade. Outside of this Unique situation stress can impact us all in positive ways. It can create motivation, keep us safe and honest. I think we sometimes focus too much on the negative side of stress and not enough on how it can work for us instead of against us. Elite athletes can be a great example of this.”
Are there any common signs you know about stress?
“I would always say the physical signs are easiest to recognize. The ‘pit’ in your stomach, sweaty palms, elevated heart rate, feeling like you “can’t take the next step.”
Do you have any ideas about what can prevent students from stress?
“Organization, not getting behind, choosing friends that support you being the best version of yourself. Positive relationships with adults, regular exercise, a good cry when you need it, a good laugh when you need it, having a growth mindset, and recognizing growth from failure.

The answers our counselor provided for students are very helpful for students. She even brought up links for students who can see if they are stressing and information about stress as well as what can help. Please take stress seriously, and take time to look at the links to see if anyone’s stressing and what can help release the stress. This is not forced, but just keep it in mind Coronado Students!