Build Your Legacy (Grant)

Check with Mrs. Schulzki for more information about your opportunities for the Legacy Grant and Legacy Grant study sessions!

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Build Your Legacy (Grant)

Mohss Elaine, Staff Writer

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As you may know, Coronado holds many chances of acquiring grants and scholarships, most being accessible by a majority of students. Coronado gives even more chances to those who show great talents in AP courses.


During the 2018-2019 school year, Coronado will be holding study sessions for the Legacy Grant for AP and STEM courses. The study sessions will be on 2/2 on Coronado’s campus. The Legacy Grant study sessions will be segmented into three consecutive sessions, beginning at 8:15AM and ending at 12:25PM.


The AP Legacy Grant is a three year grant supported by the Colorado Education Initiative and funded by several federal math and science organizations like the National Math and Science Initiative, as well as other funders.It also supports the College Board Advanced Placement program as a whole at each accepted school and places a focus on growing the AP program at participating schools while reaching out to underrepresented populations.


Mrs.Schulzki, the meeting coordinator for Coronado, helps students who can benefit from these study sessions get on their feet. When it comes to helping students and making sure they have a sturdy foundation, she has this to say-


“We applied for the grant 4 years ago and we were part of a 5th cohort of Colorado high schools accepted for the grant.  The grant supports growth in the Math, Science, English and Tech AP programs at the participating high schools.Coronado has grown in terms of the number of students taking AP courses and exams, with nearly 200 students registering for AP exams last year (2017-18), taking over 500 exams, while maintaining a 72% pass rate.”


She holds opportunities like the Legacy Grant in high regard, stating

This grant has allowed Coronado teachers and students greater opportunities to prepare for the high stakes Advanced Placement exams, while adding to the rigor of the academic program at Coronado High School.  The grant has provided $10,000 each year to supply Math, Science, Tech and English with technology, equipment, and books needed to support these AP courses. Overall, it has been a great support for Coronado’s academic program. Students earning those scores and the cash award will be honored at the Winter Assembly February 2.


The Legacy Grant is kind to the AP students, as they don’t have to apply. AP students who take science, english or math courses simply have to get a 3, 4 or a 5 on their exams, and the grant will pay $100 for each score! It’s simple and rewarding with no risks! However, there is great need for preparation.


More often than not, Mrs. Schulzki is eager to have students set on the path of study for the Legacy Grant.

“Students should be prepared to attend the review sessions held in the spring – this year, the last year of the grant, those Saturday review sessions are February 2 and April 27.  Students also participate in the mock exams in their AP classes where they are provided feedback and scores for their exams.”


AP students, remember to study hard and create a healthy regimen for keeping track of your exams! The next Legacy Grant study sessions will be on 2/2 and 4/27. If you feel that these are beneficial to your learning, and you meet the aforementioned requirements, please see your counselor or Ms. Schulzki. We hope to see you there!


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