Choir Continuously Shows Strength!

Choir is just one of the many areas that Coronado has, offering a wonderful home for many talented students!


Coronado's show choir performing one of their songs.

Mohss Elaine, Staff Writer

Coronado shows so many different areas of talent and proficiencies, so much so that it’s a little crazy to choose! If you’re a newcomer, it may feel pretty overwhelming, or if you’re a more seasoned student, it may feel like your (albeit crazed) routine. That being said, there’s some areas that you can really devote your time and dedication to, you just need to know where to look. The music department offers three distinct components that offer a range of opportunity that would be insane to ignore! Specifically, the choir classes can offer the chances of a lifetime, so why not give it a go?


Mr. Hodur, Coronado’s choir teacher, constantly makes efforts to give his students the resources and time they need to succeed in his classes, and offers a large variety of classes that students can take, where they can participate in many activities! “There are many offerings for my students throughout the year: All State Choir, Western State Honor Choir, D11 Honor Choir, UCCS Succeed Honors Classes, Show Choir Competition, Jazz/Acapella Competition, West Side Community Choir school concerts, and most especially this year we went TO NEW YORK! It was awesome!”


Being that Coronado’s population is full of hard workers, Mr.Hodur takes it upon himself to give the choir students, new and old, any ability he can to be successful in their rising musical careers.


As Coronado’s appointed choir leader, he is tasked with keeping all choirs at the top of their game, and keeping them on a strict regimen of practice, practice, and more practice. “We never have free time. We work for 52 minutes each and every day to become our best, on top of extra rehearsals after school and on weekends. We always give it our all! It is a great place to be successful, feel accepted and learn the joy and beauty of the arts through singing and making music! We are a family. If you come to our final concert, you always see lots of students crying on stage because they don’t want it to end. No one ever wants it to end and everyone loves each other and will miss it dearly when they graduate, and I will miss them.”


Being the only choir teacher, there’s a great deal of responsibility on Mr.Hodur, as he has to make sure that incoming Cougars are aware of choir, and get to see how much of a joy being in a music centered class is. In regards to getting students aware, Hodur says: “I try my best but wish I could do better. I sit at assemblies and think to myself every student at Coronado should be in my class! I visit middle schools. I talk to students in the courtyard during lunch and during study hall. We have combined concerts with the elementary and middle schools. We perform concerts all over. Speaking of which, YOU AND ALL YOUR PEEPS SHOULD JOIN CHOIR!!!”


Mr.Hodur can only hope that the immense opportunities and wholesome, family-like structure can entice more students to come through in the 2019-2020 school year. “Join now! You don’t have to be a good singer. I have many students each year who have never been in choir and they give it a show. It’s so fun. If you at all enjoy singing, even if it is by yourself (in the shower is the popular place) you should give it a try. Come talk to me and I will guide you in the right direction.


We have faith that Coronado’s newcomers will soon be aware of the amazing chances that they can take while in choir. Happy singing, Cougars!