Senior Picture Submission for the Class of 2022

Esta es la foto de Sr. Hugill. ¡También podría ver tan bien!

Esta es la foto de Sr. Hugill. ¡También podría ver tan bien!

Luna Lovegood, Editor and Guest Writer

Seniors!  It is time.  The most important thing on your to-do list for senior year isn’t applying to college, isn’t completing your homework, isn’t saying goodbye to all the friends you are going to leave behind as you go out into the world….no; the most important thing you need to do this year is…


Using this link, you go to Jostens and submit your senior photo.

There are some rules, however…

Vertical pictures, not horizontal

NO hands
School Dress Code Applies
NO non-school props (a basketball is okay if you are on the basketball team, but no horses or rifles, etc…)
NO hats.
300 DPI minimum.
Waist up pictures, please
Don’t do a cell phone selfie-If you can’t/don’t want to pay for professional pictures, a member of the yearbook staff can help you out with a real picture!

All pictures will be reviewed by the yearbook staff and if there is a problem, they will let you know!