Show Some Virtual Spirit This Week!

D11 wants to see its amazing students showing some spirit this week!

Show Some Virtual Spirit This Week!

Raven Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

Some students may find that they do not get as dressed up as they used to for school. No one is putting on makeup, and everyone just stays in their pajamas all day. Only a few students are bold enough to get into their school clothes, change into “lounge clothes,” and put on a full face of makeup. Well, D11 wants to change that for a few days by doing some virtual spirit days.

Students may be wondering how these spirit days will work when no one can really see them doing their e-learning except for the occasional video chat, and D11 has a plan for that too. Each day will be a different spirit day, and the students who choose to participate have the option of posting a picture or video of their attire on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use #D11SPIRITWEEK on any of these social medias, and then check throughout the week to see some collages filled with spirited students. Here are the handles for all of D11’s social media profiles:

Facebook- @D11 Student Page
Instagram- @d11_student_page
Twitter- D11students

The scheduled spirit days are meant to be an enjoyable series of events that will make students a little more eager to be part of virtual learning. Younger students especially will be excited to participate, so try to get little siblings to participate too. All of the older students can probably remember how much better normal school was when there was a spirit day, and that same quality is something that all students need now more than ever. Here are the spirit days for April 6th- April 10th:

Monday, April 6th- Today is Pajama and Crazy Sock Day! Get those mismatched socks ready and those fuzzy pajama pants washed.

Tuesday, April 7th- Superhero or Hero Day is all about dressing up like all the people that are considered heroes in this time of quarantine. Anything from Spider-Man and Wonder Woman to a nurse or teacher qualifies!

Wednesday, April 8th- Today is Character Day! Dress up like the best character from a movie or book. D11 wants to see all the smart Hermione Grangers, bold Katniss Everdeens, Darth Vaders in training, and maybe even an Indiana Jones.

Thursday, April 9th- Beach or Vacation Day is today’s spirit day. Wear some beach gear or something from a recent vacation. All that dreamy warm weather attire will definitely motivate students to get through another week and get closer to summer.

Friday, April 10th- Today is School Spirit or Color Day! For Cougars, this is like a traditional MADD Red and Gold Day. Try to encourage younger siblings to wear their school colors and really ramp up the school spirit.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the spectacular pictures and videos of school spirit that D11 students are capable of. Enjoy this Spirit Week and keep working hard, everyone!