The Update on Animals

Humans are not the only ones being impacted by COVID-19.


Raven Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

Most families have realized by now that snuggling with their pets has become better than ever. Cuddling up with pets can be immensely uplifting under normal circumstances, but right now it feels even better and can often be a means of security for many people. It is hard to picture life without furry friends for those who have them, and they probably feel the same way about their owners.

People have started to worry more about all of those animals in shelters and their well being. The good news is, they are doing more than fine. A recent article on Tank’s Good News written by Patricia Grisafi states that some shelters are “are either all out of or almost out of cats and dogs.” She made note of a particular shelter in New York, New York when saying this.

The main reason that these animals are being taken in is out of loneliness. People are fostering them during quarantine for companionship, and the animals could not be happier.

On the flip side, animals that are not in foster homes are also getting optimal care.The Humane Society has a whole list of precautions they are taking and suggestions families can take to give their pets the best lives they can in this time of chaos.

Any families that have pets or want to help pets with no home should visit the Humane Society website. There are plenty of resources and contact information available there. Links to the Humane Society and their COVID-19 protocols will be at the bottom of this article.

Also, if anyone is interested in some daily good news they can check out Tank’s Good News. They have a website full of just the kind of articles people need right now. They also have numerous social media pages on which they post some of their top stories if anyone needs access to good news quickly and frequently. Their website and Social media information will also be at the bottom of this article.

Everyone needs to stay safe and healthy, and that includes all of the wonderful pets out there. Take care of them and make self care a frequent priority. Hang in there, everyone!

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