Shout and Show Some Support!

Now this is a social media trend worth trying!


Raven Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

Everyone else has been home day after day trying to find their new normal, but people in the medical field were forced into their new normal unusually quickly. They work nonstop to make sure people with COVID-19 have the care they need when they need it. Everyone else is doing all they can to stop the spread and show their appreciation for those working directly with COVID-19 on a daily basis. It may seem impossible to show enough gratitude for all the fantastic things these people do at times, but a recent social media trend might just give people a chance to show more.

This trend is asking people to be loud and vocal about their appreciation for medical professionals in ways that would normally get them a noise complaint from their neighbors. People on Twitter and Instagram are posting themselves clapping, yelling, playing instruments, singing, and even doing quiet things like flashing lights on their porches to show their gratitude.

This has been spreading globally and to balconies and porches everywhere. It is such a simple way to express gratitude towards those who deserve it most right now. Students would be able to try this trend out with ease because it just takes a minute of their time to do something kind and kind of entertaining. It also takes place at an hour that students typically have free, and that is one of the coolest parts of this trend. Everyone who wants to make a cacophony of noise for medical workers goes out on their balcony at 8 p.m. to participate.

If there are any students that actually want to try this creative and sweet trend they just need to post a video of themselves making noise on their balcony at 8 p.m. From there, use #solidarityat8 to get it out there for all of those brave essential medical staff members to see. Anything from singing a song to having a strobe light display counts. However someone chooses to be loud and proud is up to them!

It may not be possible for people to show medical professionals the infinite amount of praise and appreciation they truly deserve, but this can help everyone show a little. Students everywhere are doing massive things to help others in this pandemic, but not all of them have time to do something so monumental. Know that the little things can still make a huge difference in someone’s day, and try to do something kind for someone everyday.