Become Well Versed This Month

…. in the art of poetry, of course. Happy National Poetry Month!

Become Well Versed This Month

Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

People who have multitudes of tasks to accomplish may lose track of time. Student or not, the months go by quickly no matter where people are being productive and trying to get their numerous to-do lists crossed off. There has certainly been an abundance of work to do, but the month of April is one that should not come and go in an instant. April is National Poetry Month, and there are still plenty of days left to celebrate. Even the busiest of bees can find a moment or two in the month of April to embrace the wonderful world of poetry.

Celebrating a month like this has become increasingly difficult, but everyone should do what they can to try. National Poetry Month was established with appreciative intentions. According to, “National Poetry Month was launched by the Academy of American Poets in April 1996 to remind the public that poets have an integral role to play in our culture and that poetry matters.”

There are plenty of wonderfully creative ways to honor the poets that make a strong impact on millions of people. Here are a few that are easy enough for everyone to try:

1. Read a new poem or two and celebrate the reason for the poetry season. Expand those horizons when it comes to poetry. It is always the best time for a new favorite poet or a new beloved poem to come into someone’s life and make it better!
2. Research a poet and bring new meaning to their poems. It can often be more entertaining to interpret the poem in a more self-relatable way, but the mind and experiences of a poet can be fascinating too.
3. Write a poem of any kind to share and be proud of! It can be as simple as a Haiku or as complex as a Sonnet, but self-expression through poetry is a fantastic way to celebrate.

Time flies when everyone in the world is constantly moving and going. Even though most of the outside world is at a standstill, the homes of everyone have been moving at the speed of light. Taking some time to do everything from letting out emotions to relaxing is immensely important, and National Poetry Month is here to help.

Stay safe and healthy
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Keep hanging in there!