What a Wonderful(ly Artistic) World!

Here is one way that art can be used to celebrate the Earth this week!


Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

This Wednesday is Earth Day, but this Earth is different from the rest. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day, and the World Wildlife Foundation has the perfect way to make it one to remember! A week’s worth of appreciation in the form of art!

The World Wildlife Foundation wants everyone to share their love of this wonderful planet all week, and they have created drawing prompts related to natural parts of the planet. They made this challenge with the intention of allowing people to see the importance of nature and show their love for it. Here are the prompts:

Monday, April 20th- Wildlife
Tuesday, April 21th- Freshwater
Wednesday, April 22nd (Earth Day)- One Planet
Thursday, April 23rd- Food
Friday, April 24th- Forests
Saturday, April 25th- Climate
Sunday, April 26th- Oceans

This is not a contest, and everyone one can participate! Throughout the week, participants can post their art on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure to use the hashtag ArtForEarth and tag the WWF. Here are all of their social media handles:

Instagram and Twitter: @world_wildlife
Facebook: @WorldWildlifeFund

This challenge might not be for everyone, but there are still ways to contribute to the WWF this week. They are asking people to follow their social media accounts to help support their campaign. Anything that can be done, artistic or not, will help them out!

Have a fantastic week, try out this challenge, and maybe do something nice for the Earth on Wednesday. It needs to stay healthy just like its inhabitants do in this dark time.

For more information on this challenge: