Home Is Where The Hogwarts Is

Harry Potter content has never been as cool as it is on this new website!


Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The home lives of many may slowly be getting less and less magical, but an exceptionally inventive company has created something to bring some of that magic back. Pottermore has been a beloved site for so many Harry Potter fanatics and emerging wizards, and they have been using this time to step up their game.

Wizarding World Digital is their brand new site that was made to help people of any age get rid of their boredom. There are many features on it for members to explore, and the best part is that these memberships are free! There are so many fantastic features just within the log in, and it only takes three easy steps. Becoming part of the official Harry Potter fan club is as easy as using a Pottermore account or entering some simple information. From there, members build their Hogwarts passport by taking some quizzes. Printing it out upon completion is highly encouraged because then fans can show off their official status to the world. Of course, users can just do the general information and start exploring, but the passport is worth the effort!

The first quiz on the passport is a Sorting Quiz, of course. The house a wizard is put in is the most important information for them to gain. There is even an app that can be downloaded to bring the experience to life! This quiz is easy to take, visually pleasing, accurate, and the results are presented very officially. It can be really enjoyable to discover more about what it means to be sorted into a certain house!

Next, wizards can customize the appearance of their passport by picking out their favorite parts of it to display! There are many options to choose from, and it definitely is worth spending some time doing. Only three of the six options can be displayed, so choose wisely!

Now, take a seven question quiz to find a wand! Remember to answer each question as honestly as possible for best results!

Finally, discover the perfect patronus before exploring all the wonders of this website! This quiz is best with headphones, but it is so visually stunning that the experience is still fantastic. The questions are timed, and this quiz can only be taken once.

Now it is time to really get into the enjoyable website that is Harry Potter At Home! There are pages and pages of exceptional Harry Potter content to be explored here. Get up to date on all things Harry Potter in the News Section, and browse the featured content to find the best things to try on this website! Read some interesting facts and dive deep into the secrets of the Wizarding World with J.K. Rowling in the J.K. Rowling Archive. Read articles and stories straight from a specific house and celebrate being part of a specific house when visiting the House Pride section. Visit the Discover page to learn more about everything Harry Potter from specific books to films. Take the Sorting Quiz without having to fill out the passport, and go to the Fan Club page to see some exclusive fan club information and join other fans. There is even a Gold Membership that can be purchased for all those superfans out there who want the ultimate experience! Do not forget to take a visit to the online shop as well to get the latest and coolest Harry Potter garb and merchandise!

There are numerous hidden gems to be discovered on this new website, and all Harry Potter fans are encouraged to check it out! Many people bond over Harry Potter, and this website only makes the bond stronger. Go bust that Coronavirus Boredom and enjoy this website! Try to have some fun during these unhappy times and encourage others to do the same. Stay safe and healthy, wizards of Coronado!