Ensnare Great Hair!

Here are some ways to keep from overdoing those dos during quarantine.


Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

When people cannot find something to do they immediately resort to changing their hair. This can often be a phenomenal choice based on what people on social media are doing, but there are times when it may not be. Doing something too drastic or high risk when it comes to hair might cause some regret later, so think before cutting those bangs!

There are plenty of ways to experiment with hair right now that come with lower risk. Just because no one can see it does not mean a drastic change will be worth the effort. Some things are just better left to the professionals when it comes to hair, but there are some simple ways to experiment without taking it too far. Here are some suggestions for the bored students who want to add flair to their hair:

1. Find an alternative way to dye it. Sure, bleaches and the boxed dyes that can be purchased at any drugstore or beauty supply store can be ordered online, but doing something so risky at home can end in disaster. Luckily, there are some substitutes that can be used for a more temporary and less drastic hair color change. There are conditioners out there that can add a nice tint to natural hair color, there are temporary colors that can easily be washed out if mistakes are made, and there are plant and henna based dyes out there that can color the hair in a safer way. Remember to fully research all products and check reviews before adding dyes and substitutes to online shopping carts.
2. Give it a health boost! The visible change may not be super pronounced, but there will definitely be some shine. Try to wash it as often as possible, brush it out often, and explore some hair masks and safe treatments that can be made at home. This is a wonderful way to ensure quarantine is walked out of in style.
3. Experiment with new styles while no one can see them. Hair grows and changes constantly, and these changes come with more style possibilities. Hit the internet and try anything from everyday styles to freshen up a daily look to fancy styles. Spending the time and experimenting now will allow for a wider range of hair styles to choose from when quarantine has ended.
4. Find some accessories to add to basic hairstyles. Embrace the VSCO girl within and try a scrunchie, or invest in some gel to achieve new levels of hair awesomeness. Everything from hair ties to headbands make a difference and can show some serious personality, and there is always a hat out there for those bad hair days everyone has from time to time.
5. Add something minor to hair to beat hair boredom. There are plenty of small changes that can be made and easily reversed. They will not damage the hair and can be extremely simple. While Instagram hair can be intimidating and jealousy inducing, it is important to remember that not everyone can execute that. Some people even have to do it ten times in a row or go to a professional to get hair like that. Maybe try dying just an inch of hair at the tips or try to achieve a messy bun. Do something that is different but not frustrating. Everyone could use a win, so try to do something minor that will most likely be successful.

Changing up hair can be super easy and may make quarantine a little easier. Take this time to try and do something that may have been difficult to do in the past; be careful and remember that no one knows what they like or not until they try it.