Veer Toward A Virtual Vacation

All it takes to have a COVID-19 friendly vacation is the click of a button!


Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Everyone just wants to leave the house right now, and resisting the urge to leave becomes harder and harder each week. Summer is coming rapidly, and everyone will be trying to go on vacations and not staying home. Those vacation spots would rather everyone stay home, and they have created a fantastic way of making sure they do. The wonderful attractions of the world are bringing the vacation to everyone through their computers!

Numerous attractions like museums and national parks have posted free virtual tours that people can go on onto their websites. They allow people to visit the places they want to in a way that is entertaining, realistic, and safe. There are some specifically for younger children too who might be a little restless right now. Here is a list of some of the free tours that are available:


The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum has over eighty paintings and sketches to look at while simultaneously learning about her life.

The Louvre has wonderful tours separated by exhibits for those who only want to see specific parts of the museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a three dimensional tour of some of its iconic pieces and paintings. They are high quality and make for a realistic experience.

The Van Gogh Museum has a tour similar to the Metropolitan Art Museum, but this exhibit is a room full of Van Gogh’s work!

The Vatican Museum features numerous 360 degrees tours of its many inspiring and mind blowing exhibits. It is like having a free ticket to the real thing, but people can stay in their pajamas and have food and drinks nearby while they view them.

NASA has an app that gives people a tour of Houston Space Center and the galaxy everyone calls home.

Space Center Houston app

The National Museum of the United States Air Force offers virtual tours that come with special features that a normal tour would not provide. Aircrafts have never seemed this incredible!

The National Women’s History Museum contains massive amounts of historical information about some of the amazing women that had a major impact on the lives of many.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has a fascinating historical tour as well!

The Winchester Mystery House is not a normal tour by any means. This house is haunted and full of eerie vibes. Only the eccentric and bold will try out this tour.

Video Access Tour

National Parks:

Yellowstone National Park features a tour of the best attractions they have. Skip the little trails and get straight to the part everyone looks forward to on their Yellowstone visits.

Yosemite National Park has multiple vivid tours for visitors to take. Take a full tour of the park or view singular attractions in high quality. They are so realistic and stunning!

Zoos and Aquariums:

The Atlanta Zoo does not have a full tour at this time, but they have a Panda Cam on Twenty four seven! Nobody can say no to watching adorable and fluffy pandas!

Panda Cam

The Houston Zoo has a webcam that allows a different view into various habitats around the zoo.
The San Diego Zoo has webcams like this too!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has nonstop cameras running on their exhibits for people to stream, and they even have a camera set up specifically for live streaming the sharks.

The National Aquarium offers a virtual tour of everything in it floor by floor. It is as close as a person can get to a real life aquarium visit.

Theme Parks:
Avid Lego fans will definitely want to check out Legoland’s Virtual Tour, and younger children will definitely like this one.

Anyone out there who has not been to Disney World before or missed out on a Disney World trip should consider looking at their virtual tour. Make some of the homemade dole whip that has been going around and enjoy!

Disney Parks Launches First-Ever 360-Degree Panoramas on Google Street View

Other Tours:
Tour Hawaii and see their best landmarks because everyone could use a vacation to Hawaii right now.,-157.02059303,200.7307319a,2371691.57671183d,35y,-0.0000121h,0.66156264t,0r/data=Ci4SLBIgYzVhNjFjZTg3ODFmMTFlOWFhYWVkNzY5Mzk1NTJiOTgiCG92ZXJ2aWV3

Tour the Great Wall of China from the comfort of a couch or bed. No walking is involved unless it is to grab a phone charger from the other side of the room.

Take a visit to Mars just because it is possible to do.

There are so many other virtual tours out there, but these are some of the most popular ones. Search up some of the best places in Colorado and in the world to visit; no one knows what virtual entertainment they will find there. Keep hanging in there everyone because normal life will come soon enough.