Personal Prep Equals Terrific Test Taking

Preparing for the test both physically and mentally is extremely important!


Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Coronado Students have excelled at e-learning during quarantine considering all of the changes being thrown at them. Everyone who feels determined to has gotten through the hardships of quarantine they have faced, and they deserve a round of applause for all their effort!

That being said, a major and somewhat scary potential hardship is rapidly approaching for many students. The AP Exam window will still come even though everyone will be at home. There have been some spectacular and relieving changes to the test, but these tests are always fear-inducing no matter what because so much is at stake sometimes. Everyone wants that college credit and that high score, and the nerves start to kick in the closer the test date becomes.

All of the AP teachers have been preparing students for the test through e-learning as much as possible, and they have been delving out any and every resource that might help. All this can be helpful, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. Students may be tired of hearing about the academic part of the test and may be looking for ways to prepare that are not focused on the skills needed to pass. There is no way to completely obliterate all of the fear and nerves that come with tests like this, but there are ways to prepare that may make the experience moderately better.

1. Eat a hearty breakfast before the test. There is no time to snack right before or during the test because all the time provided is precious. Hunger can be the worst distraction, and the body cannot function well without food. Test takers need to focus and function as well as they can during the short test-taking time they have, so eating breakfast is a great way to start a testing day. Make sure to eat something filling like a bowl of oatmeal with fruit or a smoothie.
2. Dress as if the test is still being held in person because it can bring confidence. Loungewear is meant to relax everyone during this stressful quarantine, and relaxation does not ensure AP test success even if it is extra comforting right now. Dressing a little nicer, applying makeup, actually styling hair, and even showering can make test-takers feel a little more awake.
3. Listen to some music or watch tv for a while because studying right before the test can be too much. Hopefully, some studying of everything will be done before the test, but right before is the time to calm down and clear the brain.
4. Set up a testing area with everything needed for the test, and walk away until just before time. The things needed for the test are dependent upon the test, but it does no good to freak out and check all of the supplies again and again. This will leave a person wound up and unable to calm down, and a calm mindset is important when taking these tests.
5. Getting enough sleep is probably the most salient part of preparing for this test! Even a half-hour less of sleep can make it hard to function! Go to bed early, and get a full eight hours if possible.

AP tests are a little more scary than usual, but being prepared by having the skills and mindset of an AP test taker will help. The skills are up to the teachers and the class, but these five things can help with the mindset part of it. Keep up the hard work, Cougars! Everyone is going to do fantastic this year!