Outdoor Book Nooks: Check Them Out!

Outdoor Book Nooks: Check Them Out!

Raven Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

People all over the news are putting together these adorable little book and library stations in their yards for their neighbors to enjoy. These are not just for children because there have been some with books for older audiences. They decorate them nicely and stock them with some beloved books that can either be exchanged for others or borrowed. All the libraries are closed right now, so it can be hard for some people to get a book. There are ebooks out there to borrow, and there are probably some people who have purchased books that they have never had the chance to read until now. The feeling and experience an actual book can give someone is preferred over ebooks by many, and some people will only read books from a library so they do not have to buy them. The point is that so many people adore reading and could use a book to cure their boredom.

These are super simple to make, and the people who live close by will be very grateful. They can be built from scratch, hand decorated, and even be super simple. People can buy their favorite books and children’s books, and they can have them delivered to stock their shelves with. They can also put their own copies out to loan. It is a fantastic way to help alleviate both the boredom of readers and creators. There are many tutorials on the internet if anyone is interested in making this, but they are not a requirement! Either way, there are some great ways to ensure that this will be a success if anyone chooses to do it. Here are some suggestions to make this a worthwhile project:

1.Go crazy with the decorations and show some personality! Everyone of every age appreciates extravagant decorations. Maybe paint a favorite book or an animal reading a book. Those tend to be popular forms of decorating when it comes to these libraries. Write a note on the side or a little black board. Make sure to make something durable that can look beautiful through rain or shine!
2.Weather proof it so it lasts for a while. Try to avoid things that rust or rot, and go for something aesthetically pleasing yet tough. Also, keep in mind that the inside needs to stay as safe as the outside. Maybe consider adding a door, placing a towel along the inside and shelves, and plastic bagging the books to keep them dry if necessary. Colorado summers can be rainy, so make sure to prepare for that!
3.Make sure it is secure so nothing gets stolen. This is up to the creator, but remember to be careful so that your library stays safe. Maybe find a way to lock it and do a check out like a real library. It can be kind of fun for the people who use it that way while still keeping it safe!
4.Make sure the contents of the library are just as appealing as the outside! Put in books that are enjoyable, and try not to just use this as an opportunity to get rid of books. Make sure to put in a wide variety of genres and books for various age groups. Maybe even put out some magazines! Make it something that people will actually want to utilize.
5.Do not stop at books because libraries have so many other resources. Add some drawing supplies, coloring books, and anything that sounds personally enjoyable. Chances are someone else will like it too.

Give it a try if it sounds cool! It may make someone’s day and may make boredom go away! Have a great day, and try to read a few pages of a book if time allows.