Welcome to Coronado Mr. Trocha!


Spencer Stepp, staff writer

This year, like many others has brought a fair bit of change, not only in our school but in our day to day lives as well. One such change is the addition of our new French teacher this year, Monsieur Trocha! Mr. Trocha, a native French speaker, has returned to teach at Coronado after previously teaching at the school for a few years prior. He not only speaks french, but is also fluent in German, as well as in Polish, however his heart lies in teaching the language he grew up with and learned to love from a young age.

Mr. Trocha’s wife is a teacher at the Air Force academy, and he has three grown children, as well as three wonderful dogs. He loves making short videos and considers himself as an ametuer movie maker. Alongside these hobbies, he also is an avid athlete, and more specifically, a runner. Over the last eight years he has run ten 100 mile races,which is likely being severely understated in this article, because whether people realize it or not, this is an incredible physical accomplishment that takes unparalleled commitment and dedication.

Even with his busy life here in the US, Monsieur Trocha, still honors and participates in many french traditions which he shares with his classes. “[They] celebrate French traditions like the galette des rois (three kings cake) at Epiphany and [have] crepes for the Chandeleur (Candlemas Day). Every once in a while, [they] all get hungry for French Cheese so [they] buy some from igourmet and have a fun evening!”

As we know this year has brought many new challenges not only for students but for teachers as well, and Mr. Trocha is no exception. Especially with French class being a very verbal and vision based curriculum, he has had to work harder than most to adapt to this strange approach to school. When asked about it he said, “This school year is extremely challenging for all of us, teachers and students, but we will make it through that pandemic all together,” and that, “We all need to stay positive about the future. Future is what we make from the present, so make it beautiful!”

Finally, Mr. Trocha left us with some wise words to inspire us through the beginning of the year. “Life is made of “ups and down” and everything that happens to us all our lives makes us stronger and better people,” so students should “believe in yourself, believe in others, make other people’s day everyday of your life and you will be happy!” So let’s take his wonderful advice and give Mr. Trocha a warm welcome to Coronado, and in the words of the man himself, “Et maintenant, parlons français!”