Tips and Tricks for Applying to College

It’s that time of the year to start applying to college, so here are some tips in order to make this process a little bit easier.

Tips and  Tricks for Applying to College

Maycie Rogers, Staff Writer

Whether you are applying through the common app or through the school directly applying to college is not one of the easiest tasks. With so many components to it, including whether or not you have to provide an essay (which is a whole other ordeal); it can also depend on whether you are applying because you were recruited by a sport.

Here are some do’s and don’ts on how to apply to college from some reliable, and supportive sources. One major tip when applying to college is know your deadlines, be aware of the deadlines so you are not rushing to apply last minute. It puts stress on an already stressful situation and there is a possibility that colleges will not get back to you as fast as you would like. Second, enter any requested information that is on the application, and proofread everything more than once and have others look over to double check. Since this document is a representation of you and it should be formal because it is a very serious document/situation. Be honest when providing information, the admission officers will always check and verify your answers so there is no point in lying or exaggerating any accomplishments. Honesty is the best policy. One other tip is after you have applied and need a recommendation letter, choose who writes it wisely. No matter if it is a teacher, counselor, coach, or any other person, they should know you pretty well on how you are in and outside the classroom, in order to give an honest representation on who you really are. It is also imperative that a good amount of time is given to those who are selected to write the letters so they do not have to feel rushed into submitting the letter.

Another key part in the application process is the essay. The essay may or may not be included in the requirements depending on the college, however it never hurts to have one just in case. When writing the essay, always be honest and make sure you represent who you truly are. Make sure your personality shines through the essay, because this can be what captivates the admission officer’s attention. It also is an opportunity to showcase yourself through another light, outside the grades and GPA. It can be personable and relatable, so the admission officer can see who you are other than who you think they want you to be. It can be an arduous process, especially when given a broad prompt, so stick to one clear idea in order to have a less cluttered essay and it will make it easier for the writer as well. Avoid cliches, capture admissions attention, give them something new to read about.

Here are some tips from fellow cougars who have been through or are going through the application process and what advice they can give you to feel more comfortable. Stacia Smith, 12, is applying to college for athletic purposes, meaning she has been recruited by coaches to join the school however she still has to apply. One tip that Stacia gave was “ One should cast a wide net and apply to as many schools as possible, because it is very important to have a variety of options.” This is good advice because one should never settle for a college but go to one that they would love in the end. It is always good to keep your options open and don’t be afraid to dream big! Good luck applying Cougars!