Vaccine for COVID-19

The Vaccine is the big talk and at this moment is being tested on and scientist as well as doctors are beginning to take action with testing

Nyla Fowler, Staff Writer

2020 has been a rough year for us all, the talk about the CoronaVirus vaccine has been everywhere on the news also on youtube. Some might be excited to finally know there’s a vaccine being tested, some may think it’s dangerous for their own health. Research that has been done and the news say’s doctors have tested the vaccine on children and haven’t gotten any bad or terrible causes yet, but there are many volunteers helping with this vaccine as well as getting tested on. Sadly this doesn’t mean we are safe yet, new cases with the Covid-19 are rising and we should still keep our distant until this new vaccine is released and there will be a limited amount of vaccine supplies. It will continue to grow, getting larger for the amount of people that have COVID-19 or not.

The Vaccine will be a big part of our life during this pandemic outburst, so a few questions were asked to a Coronado Student named, Nicholas Kaufer as well as a teacher named, Mr.Ottmer who did not get back to me for these questions. These questions provided for Nicholas were, “Will your family get the new vaccine when released?” His response was “If they come out with a vaccine, then I assume so.” “Do you think it may be safe to get the vaccine?” “I thinks it may be safe later on since vaccines have to get through lots of government people at first.” “What do you think the good side affects will be as well as the bad side affects?” “Any good side would be less likely to catch Covid-19. Any bad side affect could be loads of headaches or possibly death.” “In the future do you think there will be a cough medicine as a vaccine?” “I don’t think so, I think it will just be a shot or injection.” The responses he provided were very helpful as what opinion people would have as if taking the vaccine would be safe or not and what mindset people have as in what will happen to them if they ever wanted the vaccine.
The outcome of the Vaccine and the end to the CoronaVirus may be soon to come, but this is just an update of what is going on in the world, and what will happen soon. Be safe and up to date about the Covid-19 cases Coronado!