Cozy Indoor Activities to Avoid the Cold Weather

Winter is definitely coming! Try warming up with these comforting activities.


Gracie Nowlan, Editor

With Colorado’s bipolar weather, it is no surprise that the cold weather is coming, and fast. It’s time to bundle up and cuddle up as winter continues to get closer. With the snow looming ahead, here are some colder weather comforts to try out for yourself:

Cozy Pajamas
Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, some fun and warm holiday P.J.s are a must for the winter season! It’s even more fun to get matching pairs with your friends, family, or significant other to take pictures in and warm up together.

Holiday Movie Marathon
There are so many classic Christmas and holiday movies ready to be binged, and even rewatched from past years. The cold weather is a perfect opportunity to get all cozied up, pile the blankets on, and get ready for instant rushes of serotonin.

Hot Drinks
Now that pumpkin spice lattes are out of season, your local coffee shops have all the holiday favorites stocked up. Starbucks recently started featuring their holiday drinks on their menu, as well as Dutch Bros. If you’re not wanting to venture out of your warm house into the snow or wind, then making some homemade hot chocolate either from scratch or the box is just as comforting, and easy too!

The Christmas season and over-spending on gifts is quickly approaching, and maybe it’s time to spend a little on yourself and indulge in a self-care day for some extra comfort. Sometimes all it takes is a warm bath and some bath salts, or even a new fuzzy blanket. Always remember to take time for yourself!

Christmas cookies anyone?! It is always a fun and memorable experience baking some cookies, or other tasty treats with some family or friends. Of course, the best part is getting to enjoy them afterwards too!

Reading a Good Book
Today, reading seems to be getting less and less common and popular among teens, but try picking up a book that interests you for a little added comfort. Curling up in front of the fire with some relaxing music and a good book sounds pretty relaxing, right?

Christmas Music
Once again, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the music that comes with the season becomes quite a source of happiness and comfort. Even though some people may argue to wait until Thanksgiving passes before you can listen, Christmas music provides a nostalgic feeling, and some much needed motivation to finish out the semester.

Fall/Winter Break
The most comforting thought of all? The fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas break are both rapidly approaching. These much needed breaks for both students and staff, are sure to add a special comfort with this cold weather.

The winter season is a time for all kinds of outdoor fun in the snow, but warm indoor activities are always necessary and welcome too!