Mr. Urban Becoming the Girls Varsity Tennis Coach

Tennis this year is looking different for a whole lot of reasons. One new addition to the Varsity Tennis Team, however is new Varsity Coach Urban who is taking over for Mr. Philipsen (while he spends time with his new additions to the family).


Coach Urban has been involved with Coronado for many years and has contributed so much to the Cougar Community. With being the head of Cougars Care and an amazing Spanish teacher, he has gone above and beyond supporting the school, as well as the students. Though now he is adding to his number of involvements in the school and has agreed to become the new Girls Varsity Tennis coach! Urban has been a coach for 7 years, coaching tennis and golf, but has truly been a tennis coach for about 4 to 5 years. Though he never paid too much attention to that aspect, because his main focus was “try to start each year with a fresh start… new plans, new ideas and new goals”. When asked about what motivated him to fill the position for the varsity coach his answer was that Coronado had “A great group of girls at Coronado and [he is] thrilled to be able to step in after coach Philipsen. He built up such a great program that I feel fortunate to inherit such a successful team.” Urban also knew it was an easy decision because Coronado “is an easy place to coach because there is so much support and Coronado is a great community”. Though this year will definitely bring on many obstacles and challenges along the way concerning Covid and that the season has been shortened and is in Season D, meaning it starts on 4/26 and goes into June. However, even with these changes Urban wants to “really want to make sure that our upper class women get to finish their career well” since the Girls Tennis season last year was only two weeks long. Coach Urban is so excited to start this season and he also has another very wholesome reason as to why he is excited about this upcoming season, which is that this “is [his] daughter’s senior year and [he] really wants to be there for her. It has been great as a family for she and [Urban] to spend time on the court and as she heads off to college. [He is] going to soak in every moment.” Hopefully Girls Tennis will be able to get the season that they deserve and are able to finish this school year on a high note.
Girls Varsity Tennis could not be getting a better coach and the players are so excited to have Urban as the new coach, although sad that Mr. Philipsen will be understandably busy with his new daughter. Gracie Nowlan, varsity tennis player, states that she “could not be more excited about Urban being our coach this year, especially since he was [her] coach since [she] started tennis [her] Freshman year”.
On behalf of the other players, we are so excited to begin this new season. If any girls are interested in playing you can contact any of the coaches or look on the Coronado athletics page for any updates regarding this year’s season and schedule!