What anime series to watch on Netflix today!

A lot of students like to cosplay, or love anime and want to find something to watch when you have a fat plate of food, and you’re just waiting patiently until you find the perfect anime show on Netflix.


Nyla Fowler, Staff Writer

First the anime suggestions, first anime show on Netflix to watch is called Parasyte. This anime show may scare some people or gross them out, but the description on Netflix says “A teenager battles an onslaught of parasites from space with help from Migi, a docile parasitic creature that’s taken over his right hand.” Parasyte is such a great anime show and the genres say it’s in Horror anime, so this is just a warning if any student doesn’t like bugs or scary things. The next anime show is called The Promised Neverland, This anime show is also quite scary but it is very well plotted and some students may continue to watch it for days non-stop. The Netflix description says “Life with house mother Isabella is bliss for the kids at Grace Field orphanage, until Conny’s adoption leads Emma and Noman to a dark discovery.” The Promised Neverland and Parasyte are in English, as well as the ones that will be suggested. Attack on Titan which some students may have watched or have heard before is a good one as well, especially for people into the horror side of anime. The Netflix description says “To you, After 2,000 years: The fall of Shiganshina, Part 1. After 100 years of peace, humanity is suddenly reminded of the terror of being at the Titans’ mercy.” The next anime show is called B: The Beginning, this anime show description says “An investigator pursues a serial killer through an island city. His path intersects with super humans who may be gods.” B: The Beginning is a mystery anime which may intrigue some students. Sirius the Jaeger is an anime show that is about vampires and is quite entertaining. The description says “Vampires destroyed his family. Now he’s one of the chosen few sworn to hunt them down in the imperial capital.” Erased is a mystery anime show that viewers find to be very entertaining. The description says “A shy cartoonist’s strange ability to right past wrongs is put to the test when he is sent back in time to age 11” There are so many more on Netflix any student could look up or seem interested in, the animes listed above are just some more personal recommendations.
Have fun watching these anime series Cougars! Hopefully you all are willing to watch these if any student hasn’t!