Arranging Your Workspace to Benefit You

Helpful tips to make your workspace work for you!


Adelyn Nowlan , Staff Writer

Now more than ever it’s a struggle to stay focused on school. Having an arranged workspace can affect your ability to focus in a major way whether you realize it or not. Organization, planning, distractions, and mindset are all contributing factors in focusing based on your workspace.

Having an organized workspace has a closer correlation to getting work done on time and efficiently than you would assume. For one, clutter can cause distractions and take you away from your work. Without clutter it is easier to stay focused and be able to have your brain working in one place at a time. Not only does an organized workspace help to get rid of distractions, but also improves your mood. Since you’re not constantly thinking about the mess that surrounds you, productivity will increase significantly. If productivity is increased, so is free time. Being able to do something you enjoy can always improve your mood and productivity for the next activity. Overall, the benefits of an adequate workspace has endless benefits.

The most important part of creating your workspace is figuring out what works best for you. Make it your own happy space. Decorate your space as YOUR space. On the other hand, give everything a spot to be put away or always sit so clutter doesn’t gather easily and create more distractions. Keeping your space clean is one of the most important aspects of improving your workspace. For some people who struggle with this, it might be easier to keep your workspace mostly empty so no extra distractions are created.

To add to your workspace, a plant can be beneficial. Not only are plants pretty decorations, but they might be the missing piece you need to be at your highest radiation. Plants can make your workspace quieter, improve your mood, boost creativity, and provide cleaner air. Furthermore, plants can absorb sound that limits distractions of background noise. Plants can also improve your mood because of the positive connection they have to nature and the outdoors. In addition, research suggests that even looking at an image of nature can shift your brain into a different processing mode therefore, promoting creativity and memory. Providing clean air is a benefit of even the smallest plants that improves performance and physical and mental health. Plants have an endless amount of positive connotations to increasing work ethic and focus.

Just as plants can change the way you work, so can having a space to move. As it’s been mentioned many times before, taking breaks to move while working helps focus and getting over a productivity wall. Similar to how food refuels your body, taking breaks and moving can refuel and regenerate your mind. Productivity isn’t solely based on the amount of time spent on a task. To even take a break every ninety minutes of work can directly correlate with efficiency and quality of work.

Workspace is one of the most important aspects of efficiency, mood, and reducing stress. Overall, it affects how we go through our everyday lives, creating either a positive or negative effect. It’s easy to get caught up in any sort of distraction and stress, modifying your workspace for you can reduce the effects of the mess that is already constantly on your mind.