Coming Back to School


Adelyn Nowlan , Staff Writer

School is back in session, full time and students are starting to fill the halls and parking lot once again. Still, safety measures should be taken into account. Even though there is no specific direction to walk in the hallways, students will continue to be required to wear masks throughout the school day. As much as possible in the crowded halls, be sure to keep your distance. If you do feel sick, log into classes online so as to not get anyone else sick and to keep everyone in school. Plus, tables will continue to be disinfected after every class period.

Furthermore, Friday March 5, was the last day of quarter three. This means two things. One, we’re almost finished with this complicated school year. Second, as the academic council and admin have announced, late work from the third quarter can no longer be accepted for any credit.

If you haven’t already been notified, the schedule for the week is different from the weekly schedule finishing out the school year.

-Today, March 10th: 7-period day with two lunches
-March 11th: Periods 1-4
-March 12th: Periods 5-8

After the complicated schedule for the coming week, Mondays will be a 7-period day with a two hour delay weekly. For the rest of the week, the normal block schedule will be obtained. If you haven’t checked yet, on the Coronado website is based on your fifth period class which lunch you have. As well as lunches, class times for Mondays and the block schedule for the rest of the week is online.

If you have any questions about going back to school full time or grades, contact your teachers or counselor.