Stimulus Package Updates


Adelyn Nowlan , Staff Writer

As some students are reaching eighteen and stimulus checks are becoming more relevant, here are some updates. As CNN speaks on the issue, “The $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill that President Biden championed even before taking office is expected to land on his desk shortly after the House passes the legislation.” However, the stimulus will not arrive immediately. It may take some time for citizens to receive the benefits.

If you’re wondering whether you or your family qualifies for the stimulus package go to, On the left hand side is a box labeled, “What You Need to Know”. The last bullet point in the box is a link to determine whether you qualify or not.

As the $1,400 stimulus could register into bank accounts simply within days of Biden signing the bill, other benefits may take a few weeks or even a few months. This includes, the extension of federal unemployment benefits, the enhanced child tax credit, and more generous Affordable Care Act subsidies. The timing will be dependent on when federal departments can write the guidelines and the time it takes for state agencies to implement the new provisions. Although, when it comes to unemployment benefits, more than 11 million Americans should begin to receive them this weekend as these benefits are top priority. mentions, “If Biden signs the bill quickly after the House approves the bill, the jobless may see little or no break in payments. But it depends on which state they live in.” Based off of the bill passed by the senate this past weekend, $300 weekly federal boost and the two main pandemic unemployment programs will continue through September 6 as of right now.

If you would like updates or want to read further, visit The COVID-19 relief bill is expected to receive final approval soon. It will go to the white house to be signed after the final revisions are passed.