One Year Anniversary of Covid


Adelyn Nowlan , Staff Writer

It’s the one year anniversary of COVID-19. In this past confusing year, what have scientists learned from the virus? Whether about the pandemic or ourselves, we’ve all found surprising news due to being stuck in our homes for the majority of the past year. As the end of the pandemic is finally in sight, five scientists have been asked what they learned from the past year with the virus spreading.

When asked what has surprised the scientists throughout the year with the virus, answers were mostly similar. Scientists were forced to find out information about this virus while still considering whether it was dangerous and if they needed a cure. No one was prepared for it to reach the United States even while some were concerned about it for many months. Of course, there is still a lot of information to be learned about the virus since it has only been around for a year, which compared to others is no time at all. The speed of research being done was surprising, especially with the goal in mind aiming to save lives.

Research continues to show, viruses tend to come back, usually less fatal though. All of the five scientists interviewed mentioned being more prepared the second time around. For one, we now have a new vaccine that many citizens have already received. In addition, the antibodies our body has built up will be able to fight against the virus even better than before now that we’re familiar with it. With anything, the second time around everyone will be more prepared. Since Covid did come as a surprise already, that part is over.

According to, “A recent simulation proposed that SARS-CoV-2 will join the viruses we encounter year-round and will primarily cause mild illness in children going forward.” Whether outbreaks continue to occur seasonally is still an open question. It’s even possible to need people to be vaccinated against the virus yearly. As time goes on, more information will be researched on the disease and how to fight it. As surprising as it was the past year, the virus shouldn’t ever hit as hard as it did again, especially with what we’ve learned already.

Overall, while the country begins to open up and go back to how it was a year ago, scientists and medical professionals will continue to learn about the disease. During this time, enjoy the opening up of restaurants, school, and travel.