Boy’s Wrestling Taking it to State!

Two Coronado students on their way to Pueblo for state wrestling


Elle Freer

Mitchell Nowlan does a wrestling move on this guy. Nowlan, along with Ben Nagel and Candace Brickell will compete at the state wrestling tournament this weekend.

Gracie Nowlan, Editor-In-Chief

Coronado Men’s Wrestling has two students headed to Pueblo on Saturday, March 13th, for the State Tournament. Ben Nagel and Mitchell Nowlan, both seniors this year have put in the work, and have seen the results in their matches, and hopefully State will go just as well as the rest of the season for them.

The state tournament will start around 11:30am, since weigh-ins start as early as 10am. The wrestler’s families are only allowed two visitors per wrestler, and if they make it to finals, they can have four visitors to watch. Mitchell Nowlan says that he is “so excited, but more nervous than anything” to compete this Saturday. “Hopefully I will win state,” Mitchell went on. In his 170lbs. weight class he is ranked number one in the state at the moment, and he hopes to keep his title as number one. In order to do this, he must win all three of his matches, and he claims that he is only worried about his last match against Hayden Crosson, another senior from Pueblo West, his first match he’s “not really worried about him.”

Ben Nagel, is also competing at State for Coronado, and he is ranked number two in the state for his weight class (152lbs.). Speaking of his fellow teammate, Nowlan thinks that “Ben should have it in the bag honestly,” and will hopefully do well too. The two of them are staying home until Saturday to avoid being quarantined or contracting corona and not being able to compete at the tournament.

All should go well for the boys this year at state, and Coronado is proud to call them our Cougars. Wish them well as they make their way to Pueblo on Saturday!