Homework Habits

Homework can be a big deal during this school year, especially if anyone is struggling trying to catch up or if anyone just doesn’t have motivation. Some helpful homework habits may assist to increase some grades and attitude.

Standardized test form with answers bubbled in and a pencil, focus on anser sheet

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Standardized test form with answers bubbled in and a pencil, focus on anser sheet

Nyla Fowler, Staff Writer

Homework is very important in school and can lead kids to have some stress and other mental issues. During Covid and online school it is much harder to sometimes understand what teachers are saying and can’t ask for help because of hesitation and anxiety when it comes to being online and doing work. So questions were asked to a counselor named Amber Bjork about tips about how to help students with homework and what is the best way to get organized to keep grades up. Her answers were very helpful, the questions provided for her were,
Do you think Organizing homework can motivate students? “Yes, I believe it helps students with the first hurdle of getting started. Having a dedicated time and space to complete homework each day builds a routine and provides a sense of accomplishment when completed, which helps with motivation.”
Why is homework important? “It’s practice or application of a skill. If you want to learn something it takes practice to “get it.”
What should students do when given an assignment? “Put the assignment and due date in your planner (whether that’s in your phone, a daily planner, etc.). Then, plan out how you will complete the assignment (is it a long-term project…make mini-due dates, is it due tomorrow?…be sure to complete it during your homework session). Finally, make sure to turn it in (on time)!”
Do you have any tips on how to get homework done (meaning managing time and organization)? “Have a dedicated time and space to complete homework (1-2 hours per day) and stick to it. Eliminate distractions during homework time (put phone on “do not disturb”, etc.). Have resources available (textbooks, pencils, calculator, etc.), and kep your homework and schoolwork organized.”

The answers Mrs. Bjork provided can be extremely helpful when put to use so students can try implementing the tips she suggested to have grades shoot up for this quarter, and help lower stress levels during spring break coming up soon. Stay strong Coronado, let’s have a great last quarter and a new start!