Andrew Curdy: Thriving in Music Production (and fashion sense)


Andrew Curdy, So., hangs out with Lady Liberty because he feels free when wearing his leopard shirt!

Evelyn Kelley, Staff Writer


Since childhood, Coronado’s own Andrew Curdy (So.) has had a passion and understanding for music and has grown up in a household full of it. But it wasn’t until middle school that Curdy realized his love for music could become something more.

Through his middle school years, Curdy became more and more aware and appreciative of so many young stars rising to the top of the music industry so quickly and began to work to “really understand [himself] and what [he wants] to do”, specifically by figuring out how to match the mood of the music to the theme of his lyrics. Curdy was inspired by multiple classic bands, including Queen, as well as the previously mentioned new stars, such as Billie Eilish.

Sophomore Dakota Strait got a chance to sit down with Andrew and talk with him about his passion for songwriting and music production. When asked about the experience she stated that it was, “Very nice to speak with someone pursuing this career that seems so grounded.” She would also like everyone to know that he “has a very nice leopard shirt” and that the most inspirational part of his story was “his hope for the end result”. His goal is to “get in the position to get his voice out and spark change.” and he expressed a desire for more openness and acceptance in our current society.

Curdy said that music resonates with him not only because of his childhood ties to it, but from music being “a natural instinct that people can relate to” and, “an easier way to express emotion”. He said that most of his lyrics come to him while he’s feeling specific emotions, and for a long while he carried around a journal with him to write down ideas whenever they came to him.

When asked about what advice he’d like to give to others interested in songwriting and music production Curdy said, “Just [don’t] treat it like a career… write for you and not for someone else.”