Join the Fold; Coronado’s Origami Club

Join the Fold; Coronados Origami Club

Evelyn Kelley, Staff Writer

Coronado’s origami club started up again this year in late August, now under the lead of Sophomore Lilly Perry. The club meets every Tuesday in Mr. Urban’s room (111) after school and lasts for about 15-30 minutes. Each week the group will be focusing on a specific origami project; with the difficulty level increasing every meeting.

“The goal for this club is to have a unique, creative outlet for Coronado students while connecting with peers and another culture,” said Lilly Perry, head of the club. When asked about how she started doing origami she responded, “I started doing Origami about 4 or 5 years ago when I was bored one summer and wanted to learn a new skill.”

Lilly has always had a passion for making new things, and she was enthusiastic about finding a new form of art where everyone could succeed that also didn’t require you to have a natural talent at drawing or painting and wasn’t usually critiqued or judged. Lilly is also part of the Coronado Theatre Department: “[I love] theatre, though I eventually want to focus on science or veterinary medicine. I have loved making things my entire life, and I genuinely look forward to Tuesdays with Origami Club. I enjoy talking to people and making new friends!”

The hope for origami club is for “other students to feel the way I felt last year, where I made new friends and had a relaxing club that wasn’t a huge time commitment but was fun and also artistically challenging.” Origami club is here to provide an enjoyable and social environment where everyone can feel welcome, regardless of their level of experience.

The club is looking for anyone with an interest in Origami, especially those that show a positive attitude and enthusiasm for fun. You can come down and join origami club this Tuesday at Coronado – see you there!