Senior Portraits

What do senior portraits look like and when do they need to be in?


Senior portraits, a fun time for you to use your creativity and add a little personal spark to your final yearbook! You can go out and do something you enjoy, and you can create a portrait while doing so!
Senior portraits are a simple, professional way to show what you enjoy outside of school! Going out to your favorite hiking spot, showing off your gaming setup, or maybe standing in front of some of your own art pieces! This is a way to showcase your creativity and who you have grown to be as a senior at Coronado HighSchool. We are excited to see how you choose to express yourself and your creativity!
All portraits are due October 24th, and you can easily submit them here:
If you do not turn in your portraits, your school pictures will be used instead. So unless you want that awkwardly posed smile sitting in the yearbook, you can go out and take an amazing portrait yourself!