Don’t Be a Hater, Join the Skaters: Coronado’s Skate Club


Sophomore Draco Leonard does some sweet moves upon his board of skating.

Evelyn Kelley, Staff Writer

One of Coronado’s newest clubs, Skate Club, started up this year, meeting in room 220 every Wednesday after school. The club was formed when Mr. Willey, one of the teachers here at Coronado, reached out to students for ideas for a club based around an activity that is fun for students, outdoors, and healthy, but also possesses its own unique experience.

Sam Ford (So.) was one of the students Mr. Willey spoke to about his new club idea. When asked about the process behind creating the club, Sam responded, “Personally, I’ve wanted some sort of skateboarding club for the past few years, but recently one of our Coronado teachers, Mr. Willey, reached out for some ideas from my point of view as a student… We wanted to create a place for experienced skaters to hang out and have fun, and a place for people to learn the sport, with their peers.”

Skate Club will not only strive to help students thrive in skating but in academics as well. “With some of our ideas being rewards in relation to our semester grade, we hope to raise students’ motivation in the classroom, while still having time to have fun in the club,” said Ford.

The club is hoping to increase the inclusivity of different sports at Coronado, by creating a place for students who might not fit into other, more ‘conventional’ athletic teams, and it is open to anyone who is interested. “Everybody is welcome to skateboarding club, if you’ve been skating for years or if you’re looking to learn, for new skaters we have spare parts and boards for them to learn on, and I hope the more experienced skaters will consider joining, to teach all the new people interested in the sport.”

The club and its founding members are currently brainstorming different ideas of where they might take the club and what they might be doing. “We intend to go to several different skate parks around the city, a few indoor ones in the winter,” Ford says. When the club isn’t able to travel to different parks they have other activities to participate in on-campus like “watching old skate clips and movies, or learning new techniques and tricks.”

The next time you’re looking for a new, unique, and engaging club experience, check out Skate Club in room 220 the next Wednesday!