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Gains While Gaming? Language Learning Lessons can Entertain while Educating

Learning new languages can be tricky and hard to understand when people are trying to communicate with you. The app named Duolingo is such a great place to start.

October 19, 2021

Duolingo is an app where you can learn any type of language you want including Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and many more. This is a free and downloadable app for all androids and iPhones. Duolingo can be an opportunity for everyone to learn many different languages throughout your day. Duolingo will take you through the basics of the language you would want to learn, and it has challenges and books/stories in the language you’re learning and through-out and at the end of that specific story. There will be other languages that you can add and learn at the same time as the first language you started, and Duolingo allows you to switch back and forth between languages.
At school, Duolingo can bring out the excitement of learning a new language, and some classes will use Duolingo as part of the curriculum. It’s a very fun way to learn at home, and it sometimes won’t even feel like homework. Duolingo is almost like a video game since it includes features that make learning fun and more exciting for many people around the world. Duolingo uses 4 main features: 1- Lessons: The lessons unlock new areas in the first unit as you progress.
2- Hearts: Duolingo will keep a record of how many answers you missed by taking a heart away from your five life-lines, when you have no more hearts you have to wait until they refill to continue the lesson on your own.
3- XP: You can keep track of how many lessons you’ve done, including how many days you have been keeping up and continuing the next day as well as your XP when you finish the lesson.
4- Streaks: On the top right hand side of the phone will be your streaks. Streaks are adding up how many days you were learning the language and how long you continued learning the next day and the next. Duolingo is the easiest way to learn and memorize, and will keep you busy and occupied, it makes it exciting and addicting for when you start understanding what other people say. Duolingo is a great starting place and good for practice with learning specific words even for a language class.
Duolingo is an amazing app, and is recommended if you want to learn a language a lot faster in a specific class or understand more words you don’t quite know yet, go ahead and explore for yourself!

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