Cougars Care About Their Community


Amaya Wybrant, Staff Writer

Cougars Care has had a significant positive impact on many of our Coronado students. They make sure that resources are available to anyone in the Coronado community who is struggling. It has consistently been a program to help students feel like they belong no matter what situation they may be in by providing students with assistance and support.

Their donation website states, “Cougars Care is Coronado’s way of helping our community. We partner with our students to make sure that no student is exempted from any part of their education based on tangible need”. As well as numerous nonprofit events, Cougars Care provides educational resources such as calculators, clothing (regular clothing as well as items such as choir dresses), backpacks, nonperishable food items, notebooks, pencils, etc… for anyone who may not be able to acquire these resources necessary for school.

Mr. Urban has been one of Coronado’s educators for 22 years and has been a part of Cougars Care for 17 of those years. When he was asked in an interview what he liked most about this program, he replied, “When tough times in life come, which they do for all of us, it doesn’t matter if it’s now or down the road, there are resources and ways to help students at Coronado. A Coronado student won’t have to continuously show up to class without a backpack or other resources. If a student is struggling and in need of help, we can’t solve their problems but what we can do is put the resources in their path”. Cougars Care has been a program since long before Mr. Urban and the current volunteers have been at this school, making this program a charitable tradition. “Cougars Care was meant to be available and run by students for other students as well as run by other staff members… our hope is not only that it lives on beyond me, but that it is accessible by anybody in the Coronado community”.

Mr. Urban informed us that every faculty member for Coronado has a key to the cougars closet so a student can seek help from anyone in the school at any time without any conflict. In addition, any student wishing to become a volunteer for Cougars Care can join at any time.

Every year Cougars Care holds many events, but the one currently happening is a Thanksgiving event called Harvest of Love, where, using donations of food, volunteers put together a meal for Coronado families over the holidays. According to the Cougars Care donations website, last year (2020), Cougars Care was able to provide 200 boxes of food for students and their families. Last week was the kickoff week for Harvest of love.

The Harvest of Love is running and accepting donations until November 19th. On Saturday, November 20th, Cougars Care will be distributing Thanksgiving baskets from 9:00 am – noon. Every day, there is a different category for what food should be donated. In addition to this, the Harvest of Love is also a part of a classroom incentive program where the Edge class with the most donated food will get a prize. So, talk to your parents and donate some supplies by turning them into your Edge teacher before the 20th. (Although, any food donations in general throughout the week and even after the event will be greatly appreciated.)

Monday 11/1: Mac and cheese or any boxed food item day.

Tuesday: 11/2: Protein Day. Bring in any protein, such as canned meat or peanuts.

Wednesday 11/3: Healthy snack day.

Thursday 11/4: Boxed pasta day.

Friday 11/5: Fruit Day.

Monday 11/8: Bring your favorite box of stuffing.

Tuesday 11/9: Green bean casserole ingredients. (Canned green beans, cream of mushroom soup etc…)

Wednesday 11/10: Healthy snack day again.

Thursday 11/11: Canned fruit.

Friday 11/12: Healthy snacks.

Monday 11/15: Twins Day. Bring in two or more of the same item(s).

Tuesday 11/16: These boxed items: Instant potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gravy packets.

Wednesday 11/17: Canned fruit day.

Thursday 11/18: Canned pumpkin and yam day.

Friday 11/19: Any canned food items and LAST DAY TO DONATE!

Saturday 11/20: Handout and first day of Thanksgiving break!!

Any donations would be appreciated by the families of Coronado.

Earlier in the year, Cougars Care ran a clothing drive for anyone who needed/wanted new clothes. Students washed and turned in old clothing making it possible for volunteers in the program to put out racks of free clothing in the entrance to the auditorium. Different teachers took multiple classes down to the clothing drive, giving every student an opportunity to look through and take any clothing they might need or want.

Resources are available at any time to anybody in our school community. Every teacher at the school has constant access to the Cougars Care closet, so vast knowledge of who to talk to is not required. Donations are appreciated and accepted year-round, in addition to specific events throughout the year. There is a donation website where you can receive more information about this program and possibly give monetary donations (which are always appreciated, taking into consideration that this is a nonprofit program that does not get funding by any administration/government). Interested in donating to help Cougars Care? Click here to support this amazing group!