Finding Your Passion

What drives us to become the people we are?


Andrew Curdy, Staff Writer

Finding your passion can be a challenging task. Whether it’s finding success, in the form of a career, family, etc., or going wherever life takes you, your passions are what drive you to become the person you are. Evie Kelley shared her thoughts on finding her belonging in this vast world. She expressed her experiences and the impact they have had on her life and how they’re both pushing her towards, and keeping her from, her goals.

Evie, the recent star of the school’s Wizard of OZ, explained that, “Acting is a way for me to incorporate the aspect of  different characters into my personality without losing who I really am, while also bringing light to the many different aspects of our world.” “Overcoming distractions within your life and achieving important tasks while also finding the time to write songs and practice your lines in a play can be difficult. Despite the challenge, you just have to focus on the things you’re really passionate about.”

Song writing and acting can be very difficult, but Evie has persevered through these many challenges. These arts can be used to get your story, and the story of other, out into the world. When you have a passion for something, it can be both enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

Mikenzie Costa also shares her thoughts on finding her passion and figuring out where she’s going with her life.

Mikenzie wants to become a “Therapist with a side of photography.” She says, “I like psychology and I want to help others with their mental struggles… I will have to get my degree in psychology first.”

When asked if the idea of graduating high school and becoming an adult scares her, Mikenzie said, “Yes, absolutely yes. The idea of growing up and having to be alone and have actual real world problems is scary, and I’m going to be mostly alone and trying to figure things out myself so that’s kind of scary.”

Mikenzie talks about her dream job, and about what her ideal life looks like. “Director, probably staying here and having a nice quaint house with a good amount of land, with a lot of dogs.”

In the end, your life is your own. Your passions and dreams are what build your unique and beautiful life. Personally, I tend to get caught up in the things I should be doing. By that I mean, a lot of the time I feel I don’t do enough to contribute to my own passions and dreams. When you look back on your life and your accomplishments, don’t look at them with regret. Realize the contribution your achievements and actions have had towards the person you are and will later become.