Wild Fires Of Boulder Colorado


Nyla Fowler, Staff Writer

The wild fires of Boulder have destroyed 500 houses and caused 30,000 citizens to flee from their houses and evacuate the Boulder County, according to the New York Times. When this wildfire started on Dec.30 the fire was still going until snowfall began to calm the fire. This damage could cost a lot for the people who have lost homes and maybe businesses around Boulder and will take years to fix, the authorities quoted.
Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle suggested how the fire may have started and said, “downed power lines had sparked the fire.” During his interview with NPR, Sheriff Pelle stated that the fire was not a “Wildfire from the Forest” but it was a “Suburban and Urban fire that was a disaster in fast motion in the course of half a day.”
As of now people are able to return to their houses to see what remains of their belongings. The roads were closed for weeks until it was safe to have cars drive past the destroyed houses and the diminished visibility while driving through. 6000 acres of land in Denver were destroyed and with the high winds it may have spread a lot more from the fire particles throughout Boulder if snow did not come at the right time.

Photo from the CBS News.