Supercross Season


Mckenzie Finn, Staff writer

The sound of the engines and the roaring of the crowd is back for the season of professional supercross. January 8 the 2022 season of supercross starts with a big question on who will be our champion for the 250 and the 450 classes. The professional motocross season (outdoors) ended with the 250 champion being Jett Lawrence and the 450 champion being Dylan Ferrandis. So, now everyone is asking the same question: Will they continue into this year with yet another championship?
The 2022 250 season has a lot of surprises coming for us. With Jett Lawrence being at the top of the power ranking coming into the 250 class we will all see if he can live up to his potential and keep his place. Also, Colt Nichol comes in at a close second with his power ranking and then Justin Cooper. This first gate drop for the season, Jett Lawrence will have some competition for sure!
In the 450 division, Cooper Webb owns the number 1 power ranking but leaves a lot of questions if he will still be the number 1 guy by the end of the season with so many people switching teams, such as Eli Tomac switching from the Kawasaki team to the Yamaha team and Jason Anderson getting a ride with Kawasaki and helping encourage Aaron Plessinger to head to KTM. With more riders switching manufacturers and teams, the championship is open for many people. This season should have you hanging on the edge of your seat.
With this season starting up I’m sure all of our supporting fans will want to watch and learn about these riders as they develop and see if some riders will get better with new teams or if some riders will regret switching. So far everyone has been happy with their teams. Here’s to a new season and new beginning!