Is Block Schedule Better Than 8 Periods Per Day?


The schedules for Coronado this school year.

Aiden Ellis, Staff Writer

Only two years ago, the Coronado schedule was 7 periods every day. After COVID-19, classes were moved to half-online, half-in-person during the 2020-2021 school year. This led to the school adding a new system: the block schedule. With the new block schedule, the school added an Edge/College and Career readiness class. While the new addition made block schedule possible, not everyone liked either of the new changes.
Mrs. King, the Culinary Arts and Student Government Teacher shared her opinion on the block schedule and the additional class: “I think the new block schedule is much better overall compared to the older 7 period day schedule. Not only was the old schedule too much, but the newer one prepares students for how college will actually be.” The typical schedule for college only has about two classes per day. She also said, “If high school students go to college expecting only 30 minutes per class, and eight periods a day, they are going to be completely unprepared.”
After listening to what Mrs. King had to say, and looking into the schedules for college, I agree with what she said. I feel like the new schedule better prepares students for college. My opinion still doesn’t change on the subject though, that being, the block schedule is terrible. I feel like staying in one class for a prolonged time is too much. I liked 7 period days much more overall, but putting what Mrs. King said into account, I feel like a block schedule, although it is annoying, is the right decision for students.

Would You Rather Keep Block Schedule, or Switch to Eight Periods Again?


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