Valentine’s Day: Pros and Cons


Tyler Solomon, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day has passed, and with it came overpriced candies, massive stuffed teddy bears, and stressed-out couples. Many people have mixed feelings regarding the holiday because of the commercialization of affection by big companies or using or the joy of getting out of the house and spending time with their significant others. Coronado students have given insight into what Valentine’s Day is really like in high school.
“It’s understandable to do nice stuff, but the way our culture perceives it is by how much you give a person is how much you love them, and I feel like Valentine’s Day feeds into that,” Avalon Plaisted, senior, explains. As Avalon said, the holiday seems to pressure couples into celebrating with expensive gifts or extravagant meals, rather than emotionally valuable gifts. Many see it as a corporate scheme to boost profits rather than the holiday’s original intended purpose, which is to spend quality time with loved ones and appreciate your bond.
Zachary Richards, senior, commented, “Valentine’s Day ostracizes single people, but I just got a girlfriend so I’m very excited for it,” mentioning how this year will differ from past holidays. “I don’t usually plan stuff like that ahead of time, I just know it’s going to be me not being single.” Zachary also spoke about having dinner later that night with his significant other and her parents. Though it may exclude some from the celebrations, many are given the chance to spend time with people they love, taking the opportunity to unwind and have fun.
There are many different points of view when it comes to one of the more controversial holidays, and both sides should be acknowledged to better celebrate the holiday dedicated to honoring loved ones.