The Many Benefits of Summer School


Aiden Ellis, Staff Writer

Have classes not gone as planned? Would you like to jump ahead and snatch some extra credits? If so, summer school is for you!
Summer school is free this year starting in June to all D11 students for classes they may have failed. Enrichment is also completely open to new credits for subjects you may not want to do during the school year.
There are two available sessions to choose from. You can do both of the sessions, or just one of them depending on what you need. According to Mr. Lobato, the Dean of Attendance at Coronado, “You can make up your credits if you have missing grades from, English 1-8, Geometry 1 & 2, World History 1 & 2, US History 1 & 2, Bio 1 & 2, Chemistry 1& 2, PE, Health, select GradPoint Courses, as well as some others that haven’t been decided yet.”
There are multiple credits available for enrichment to get ahead as well: PE, Health, Computer Apps, and Personal Financial Literacy.
Since it is completely free, it is only beneficial for students to take summer school. But not every teacher will want to participate, so we may be understaffed. Make sure you sign up for it right when you get the chance, so you can be the lucky few that gets to benefit from this opportunity!