Mrs. Sara LaVerne

Mrs. Sara LaVerne

Nyla Fowler, Staff Writer

By Nyla Fowler

Mrs. Sara LaVerne, a Special Education teacher at Coronado, will be leaving this year. She has been teaching here for 3 years, and she has been working as a teacher for 14 years.

Mrs. LaVerne has had many good memories here at Coronado; she stated, “The students have had the biggest influence on me, they are resilient and inspire me every day to do better.” With my experience having her as a teacher here, it is clear to say she takes care of her students. She continues to work her hardest to make sure her students are comfortable as well. She also taught other curriculars at Coronado, like study skills, sponsoring a club called Team Progress, and co-teaching several other classes out of her own department.

Her best experience was enjoying to get to know all of the staff members and students, and to help teach with Mr. Taylor. She then exclaimed, “He is awesome!”

One major change at Coronado from Mrs. LaVerne’s perspective was the transition to working a lot more on computers instead of paper. Mrs. LaVerne stated that she valued “Learning to navigate Webex and Schoology during Covid it was both comical and challenging, and it will never be something I will forget.”

Mrs. LaVerene talked about her plans for next year: “I am moving to southeast Missouri with my family to live my best lake life! I will be teaching high school out there in a much smaller town.” Mrs. LaVerne has always been amazing (Having been in her class second semester, I can attest to this!), and we will miss her dearly. Coronado will never forget her hard working attitude and creativity.