Coronado Baseball Gameplan for Spring

Aiden Archuleta, Staff Writer

Coronado High School Home of the Cougars is not really known for their success in baseball. After new head coach Peyton Taylor came to the school last year the Cougars finished with a record of 11-12 With an in-league record of 7-3.

Coronado Cougars Varsity baseball head coach Peyton Taylor wants to make this year better than last year: “To start off we plan to have a JV team along with a Varsity and allow some players to develop more at the younger team. Our biggest flaws from last year were our inconsistencies at the plate with runners in scoring position and making simple defensive play, so I plan to allocate more time throughout the season.”

Another quote from Coronado student and baseball player Trey Gregory-Alford: “At Coronado we have had difficulties within the past 2 seasons. When it comes to having a losing season, going through two different coaches in a matter of months, it is hard to keep your composure and still strive to play the game. Compared to last year our game plan is to just jump out early. We had a slow start last season and I feel like if we do this, we can keep a winning mindset and momentum into playoffs.”

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