Coronado Spirit Week


Alexandra Micci

Come support Coronado High School in fun ways such as dodgeball, movie night, pep rallies, and the Homecoming Dance! Spirit week is from Monday, September 19th to Thursday, September 22nd.
Get dressed up for the spirit days that include Cowboys VS. Aliens, Adam Sandler day, Quarantine Chic, and Madd Red and Gold. Spirit days are for showing support in School, make the best of it! Represent your school and compete in competitions all while having fun. School is not always the best, but days like these are what make it worth the while.
Ryley Stinson, our Chair and records manager in student Council says, “Yes, it is probably the most fun and hype the school ever gets.” Shyanne McCoy states that “[She] is really excited for Homecoming this year, especially since [she] has a good friend group to go with [and] Even though dancing isn’t for everyone, it’s still a fun time.” Students can go with whoever you want, Homecoming is fun even without a date. Experiences like this make up your best high school days, and years into the future, looking back you’ll definitely be much happier Knowing most everyone participated in events like these. Come join your fellow classmates at Coronado in all of the activities during spirit week. It will be gone in a flash.