Aaron Judge Moving on From New York?


Aiden Archuleta, Staff Writer

Judge Moving on From New York?

By Aiden Archuleta

Aaron Judge the current MLB home run leader (62) is a top free agent to look at after the 2022 postseason, Will he move on from New York and go to Boston or San Fransisco? Or will he stay a Yankee and get a big payout from the Yanks?

The New York Yankees are the winners and leaders of the American League East with a record of 96-59 with 7 games left in the regular season; the Yanks have already punched their ticket into the postseason with a first-round bye. Aaron Judge is the backbone of the Yankees, and he is a free agent after this season, and it is unknown whether he will stay in New York or moving on to somewhere else like Boston or San Fransisco. If Judge moves on from New York and looks towards Boston, it would be something like the Curse of the Bambino (Babe Ruth). When Ruth was traded from Boston to New York, it cursed the Red Sox for 86 years and it was broken when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004.

Student Edwin Guterriez, a 9th grader said this about the situation, “I think in Judge’s last game at Yankee stadium he will hit his very last homerun as a Yankee before he leaves for Boston.” Judge plays his last regular season game at Yankee stadium on Sunday October 2nd against the Baltimore Orioles. As it is known by the baseball world, the Yankees are in the ALDS and are starting off at home where judge will play at Yankee stadium and with how the playoffs work, we never know when a last home game is.

Student Trey Gregory-Alford, An 11th grader said this on what he thinks: “ I think Judge will move on from New York City and sign with a different team. Yes judge had a historical season with the Yankees but, he was the main of the team with injuries he really held the team on his back, so that’s why I think he will move on.”


Coronado High School baseball field.

Aaron Judge after hitting his historic 62nd home run.