Mr. Magunson, Coronado High School’s 3-D Art Teacher



Mr. Magunson, Coronado High School’s 3-D Art Teacher

By Ashley Garcia De La Cruz

Mr. Magunson is our teacher at Coronado High School. He won the golden apple award in 2020. The golden apple award is an award given to a teacher the student believes has been outstanding.

Taya Wise (Jr), a student in Mr. Magnusson’s 2nd period jewelry class, has stated her thoughts on Mr. Magunson; she said, “I think he’s really funny. He’s good with his students. “She also said, “He helps me when I don’t really get how to do anything hands on.”

Ana Lucia Ferguson (Sr) said, “Mr. Magunson is a warmhearted teacher. He is always ready to start the day and frequently checks up on his student’s projects. He always has a positive attitude towards art and his students.” She also stated, “I really enjoy Mr. Magnuson’s classes. They are different than any normal elementary school art class. He teaches you things that cannot be learned from a textbook, and he gives us so many different opportunities to present those ideas such as in his jewelry class or his ceramics classes.”

In an interview, Mr. Magunson revealed why he became an art teacher: “My mom was an artist and I always loved being around kids and students. I love to see creative energy.” He said he likes being an art teacher in Coronado because the “Administrators recognize that we are experts in our own field and allow us to teach in our own ways.” He’s been an art teacher for 10 years and “Loves this job.”