Weezer’s Newest Album – Autumn


Naomi Riggs, Department Head of Arts and Entertainment

Weezer has been producing a series of albums for each season of the year, being released on the date of their respective equinox/solstice – Autumn fell on September 22nd. The album can be found on Spotify and Apple Music and is available for purchase in places like Barnes and Noble and Target.
Each album has a specific genre and emotion drawn into the lyrics. River Cuomo wrote daily and saves his lyrics into a folder on Dropbox with similar work-in-progress songs that have a specific genre to them. This has made it easier to tie songs together, creating albums that are consistent.
The albums are being written in real-time, as Weezer begins the work of the next, once the previous seasons was released. This is making a sight to see for fans of the rock band, watching the artists scramble to hit the deadline.