Senior Sentiments: The End of First Quarter

Erin Gray, Editor

Although the end of first quarter seems insignificant to most students other than another deadline for work, this mark in time has created a mix of emotions for most seniors at Coronado. Some feel as though the time is flying by, and it is scary to see the looming responsibilities that lie ahead get nearer. Others, however, are more excited than ever to be one step closer to walking across the stage in May. Whichever end of the spectrum they may lie on, there is a lot going on for seniors right now, and it’s important to share their experiences navigating the first quarter to hopefully help out the next class when it comes time.
Right now, the biggest thing on most seniors’ minds is their college applications or post-graduate plans. It has not been an easy feat figuring out the Common Application and the seemingly endless supplemental essays that accompany each college, but with the support of the counselors and teachers, the process has been made a lot more manageable. Mae Shaeffer, senior, is feeling excited about her future, but “would like college applications to be over with already.” This is a common sentiment throughout the senior class. Her advice for the next year of seniors is to “start early and take your time to be thorough with each application.”
Some seniors, however, are feeling more overwhelmed than optimistic. With a whole quarter of the school year gone, tasks begin to seem more daunting. Josh Jake, senior, encourages students to not be scared by how much time has already passed, but to be more present moving forward. Josh extends to his classmates, “ There is still so much time left in the school year to get involved and try out new things, even though it feels like it’s going really fast.”
First quarter has officially come to its close, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make the most out of senior year. With a continuous support network of teachers, counselors, and even fellow students, there is no reason to feel scared. There is a wide variety of emotions to be feeling, but it is important to be present, and enjoy every moment you have as a Coronado Cougar.