Midnight By Taylor Swift


Journee Yearout

Taylor Swift has a new album out called Midnight, the album came out on October 21, 2022, all around the world. Just in the first 24 hours of her new album being released, Midnight has had 184.6 million streams, to add to that Swift has sold 1.14 million Midnight albums just in the first week it’s been public.
Taylor Swift announced her new album on August 29, 2022, while accepting a Moon Person award for her new short film All Too Well. The Pop Star said in an interview that the inspiration for her new album was based on 13 sleepless nights throughout her life when she had a lot on her mind. Taylor Swift did admit that some of her songs like “lavender Haze” and “Sweet Nothing” were about her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Taylor Swift had been working on the Midnight album for roughly a year during which she worked with other collaborators such as Jack Antonoff and Zoe Kravitz.
A lot of people would argue that this latest album isn’t Taylor’s best, but in an interview with Emilia Westfall, senior, she said the opposite: “ I think this is Taylor’s best album because she’s more open about her trauma, and she talked about her eating disorder more [and that] shows how much she’s healed which is always good to see in my girl Taylor” Then when asked about what was the best part about the new album is, Emilia explained that, [her] favorite song was “You’re On Your Own Kid” but she “loved hearing her feelings being poured out again but also to hear all the tea Taylor has.” Obviously, Emilia thought that Taylor’s new album Midnight is Taylor’s best album to date and that there are no bad songs on the album.
Taylor Swift has so many fans, for example, Anna Cook, Junior, was so excited to be interviewed, she talked excitedly: “I loved all the songs, and I think the deluxe version is so underrated, I love that.” She also stated that “Taylor has shown so much growth, and I think that’s really amazing, and I think she’s in a place… of maturity [and] she acknowledges her struggles and she’s proud of it and I’m so proud of her for that.” There are many others who could talk all day about Midnight just like Anna. Most people get where she’s coming from; Taylor Swift’s Midnight album is great, and it might even be the best of her whole career so far. Her fans all over the world agree that Taylor Swift did a fantastic job on her new album.

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