Volleyball Regionals

Kaitlyn Deyoe, Staff Writer

This past weekend Regionals was held on November 5, 2022, as Coronado’s volleyball team fought at Discovery Canyon: the girls’ team unfortunately fell to Discovery Canyon High School and D’Evelyn High School.

The loss does not look past the fact that the team this year worked extremely hard to make it to that point. Varsity player Bella Martinez, junior shared, “I’m proud of how far we got into the season. We put a lot of effort into each game we played.” There is no doubt about it that the girls were trying their hardest as they made it to the end game.

Everyone needed to be in their A game as they engaged at Regionals especially Millie Leonard, senior, who has led on the team throughout the season with the most kills with 251, aces per set with a .6, and serving aces with 49.

It was such a great opportunity for volleyball players to make it to such a high stakes game. Before the big game Bella also showed how going to regionals was going to have such an impact on life: “It’ll help us be successful, we have a good team dynamic that represents Coronado’s Volleyball Program.”

We know that the result probably wasn’t what the girls wanted, but, as Bella concluded, the value of representing Coronado will help the whole team grow. Good job to the 2022 Volleyball team as they wrapped up their season going against the best teams at state.