Girls Swim and Dive


Kaitlyn Deyoe, Staff Writer

Coronado is diving in as girls swim and dive is approaching with winter sports. Try-outs occurred November 14, 2022, and practices will take place from Monday through Friday 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. There’s no doubt the team has high hopes for this season, even newcomers who haven’t been at Coronado for long. Emillia Lommel, freshman, is ready for the challenge to begin: “Competitions are super exiting and just getting ready for the experience is awesome. The outcome of what happens is great… if you get a new record or even grow as a person.”

Teamwork is such a valuable skill to know when doing anything. In any sport, it is important that a team gets to know one another and to become like a family. Although swimming is an individual activity, the girls’ team finds ways to get together and bond. “I do try hard and be specific about team bonding. I know the girls are having party plans before every game, so that’s special for them to do,” states Mr. Holm, head coach of girls’ swim and dive team.

Everyone has something they want to do when they get to high school. For some it isn’t an easy choice, but Haliey Mclean, senior, and returning athlete for girls’ swim and dive, has experience that helped lead her to keep working at the sport in high school: “I’ve been doing swim for about eight years now and I decided to do a sport in high school, so I committed to swim.”

The swim team this year is ready for whatever comes their way. Their teamwork and skill will work greatly for each competition they attend. Naomi Riggs, freshman, shared her thoughts on how swimming is a wonderful and exiting sport to participate in: “Swim is a great sport because before and after you get in the pool makes you feel refreshed and happy. It’s like a hard workout, but after you feel accomplished of what you’ve done and how you performed.”