Is the Watcher worth watching?


Journee Yearout

The mysterious show, The Watcher, is based on an a true story based on real people. To begin, a nice family of four moves into their absolute dream home in the suburbs. Shortly after they move in they start getting these anonymous letters addressed to someone going by the name “The Watcher.” Desperate to find out who The Watcher is, the Brannocks hire private Detective Theodora Birch. Later in the story, the Brannocks find out that the serial killer who killed his entire family in the 80s, Jon Graff, may be stalking them.
This true mysterous story took place in June of 2014 in Westfeild, New Jersey. The story is based on Darek and Maria Broaddus who bought their dream home at 657 Boulevard in Westfeild, New Jersey. Soon after they moved in they started getting mysterious letters from what appeared to be a stalker watching their every move. In 2019 the Broaddus family sold the home for $400,000 less than the original asking price. To this day no arrests have been made due to the lack of evidence and “The Watcher” still remains unknown.
The Watcher quickly hit No. 1 in Netflix’s top 10 list just within 48 Hours of its debut on the beloved platform. One of the many watchers watching the show, Lorretta Smith; had a lot to say about the show, “Journee recommended me the show and I got to say it was an excellent show because it had the suspense and I like the drama aspect of the show.” The popular Netflix series had a lot to offer to its fans, but when asked about the climax of the story, Mrs. Smith said, “ It was a great show but to be honest I was quite disappointed because I thought they would reveal who the watcher was or at least know who he was, I think it may be Jon Graff but still there are so many pieces of the puzzle that still doesn’t fit.” Clearly, Mrs. Smith loved the show, but she was just severely disappointed by the ending of the show.
Netflix has already renewed The Watcher for its second season starting from the ending where a new family moved into the home. Another fan, Emilia Westfall. (Snr); had a lot to say about the show; “I first heard about the real true crime story and then when I found out that it would be a Netflix show I knew I had to watch it” Emilia was apparently interested in the story before the show even came out. To give more insight on the show, Emilia explained, “It was twisty and at times it made me so confused” The Watcher isn’t in Netflix’s top 10 anymore, but it is still really popular among those who are interested in a “true crime” show. At the end of the day, “The Watcher is something one needs to spend the whole day watching if they want to spend the whole day on something” says Emilia Westfall.
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