Snow Days Become School Days


Students trudging to school as Colorado experienced its first major snowfall

Kaitlyn Deyoe, Staff Writer

As winter is quickly approaching, students and teachers are awaiting the occasional nice and relaxing snow day. However, that may not be the case for this year. On October 28, 2022, it was announced that District 11 would no longer be holding snow days as inclement weather comes to Colorado. Instead, a snow day will begin with a two-hour delay, as well as online classes that run for ten minutes on Mondays and twenty minutes for any other day.

Traditional snow days are days that everyone can look forward to. Although the new policy keeps us on an academic schedule, teachers can enjoy only having a ten-minute remote class: “It’s nice we don’t have a full class period and we can just have accessible people get on Web-ex to work for a while so the students aren’t just stuck on a screen all day,” stated Mrs. Gay, family and consumer science teacher.

A burning memory of online learning lives within every student today. It changed lives across the globe as Covid spread from state to state. Unfortunately, as technology grew from that experience, snow days paid the price. Mrs. Brant, Business teacher, says, “It’s a valiant effort on trying to gain what we lost during Covid, it’s a nice try and I understand why they’re doing the online learning for snow days. However, I also feel bad that we don’t have traditional snow days, which is what students and teachers look forward to.”

Although online snow days keep us on an educational path, the loss of traditional snow days keeps students on edge. Lucy Berumen, sophomore, shared her thoughts on the new policy: “The new rule is kind of pointless because there are only ten minutes in our remote learning classes and my thought process goes to what exactly we are going to be doing in those ten minutes.” Additionally, Libby Gutowski, freshman, explained that “Snow days help people refresh on a cold day and taking that away from the district isn’t exactly a nice surprise.”

Even Coronado’s Principal, Mr. Smith, had something to add as District 11 says goodbye to traditional snow days: “We have a culture where when it snows, we take days off or have a two-hour delay, so taking that change into remote learning is going to be hard for everyone.”

We won’t have any traditional snow days anymore, however, what could be a possibility is for the District 11 Board to give us at least one traditional snow day but have online learning for the following snow days. This compromise gives us the best of both worlds and lets us enjoy at least one glorious snow day.